"Original" Song Reuploaded by User! O.o

Remember this Post:

It’s listed as an “Original” song, yet it’s blazingly 0330 by the Hallyu KPop group U-KISS. This saddens me more than I thought it would.


Hey KPop fandom… We made the news at AllKpop!:
But we’re not done yet… They have the song listed MANY TIMES.

http://youtu.be/fCVPUOfYZhw  <—- Reuploaded Video by User!  :(
http://youtu.be/adWkvjO875I <—— And HERE 0.o
http://youtu.be/arzUVMR4rjc  <——- last one, I hope.

Tweet the link to NHMedia at @nhmedia_global “New link to Reuploaded 0330 Plagiarism” to get the song taken down for blatant copyright infringement.

We won the battle, but not the war!  Please reblog this post to spread the word. Our artists work hard; supporting one means supporting them all!