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xander0729: Ta-da! A photo of my grandpa and baby Xander~👴👶
Six years ago today was the day my 할아버지 (grandpa) went to heaven. It is easy to remember because it was exactly a week before my birthday and around a month before I debut. Too bad he didn’t see me debut. (But at least he didn’t see my curly hair LOL) And I remember how my beloved U-KISS members showed their respect attending the funeral.
This year I kinda have lots of thoughts. I wish my grandpa was here to hear me speak with him in Korean, cuz back then I couldn’t speak any. And I wish he saw me studying in his college, Korea University. Really wish to see him happy n proud of me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad. But I really hope all of you cherish your loved ones who are still around u. Cherish every moment with them ok? :)
Love u always, my grandpa and my KU 1949학번 大선배님~ ㅋㅋ Will always make u proud of me! 😊 #babyXander #grandpa #할아버지 #July22 #memorialday #oldphoto #sweetmemories


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“you threw me away”


What happens when After School Club’s PD misses Kevin…

U-KISS @ FIRST KISS live Osaka & Tokyo ^^

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Eli’s side tattoo; best detailed pic, to date. ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

140721 Thank you Karen for letting us know!

Do Not Read This If You’re Not Ready Or Can’t Handle What I’m About To Say On My Personal Opinion. Viewers Discretion Advised.


Guys I hate to say this but, I’m positively sure AJ’s going to leave U-Kiss.

I mean, if you think about it, call me crazy and going-overboard here, since AJ’s unexpected Twitter photo regarding his heart surgery the members hadn’t spoken a word on how AJ’s doing these days. Word on the streets was a Japanese fan asked Soohyun about AJ during a fan-signing and he said AJ’s back in the states. When that word was spread (throughout Twitter), most fans think he’s okay. Half of me was relieved to hear the news. The other half… doubtful. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if they announce his departure and his reason involves school and, probably, healing from his surgery. I’m not saying this because I’m worried as heck on his future with U-Kiss, but as a sense of doubt that he’s going to return. I read a fan account on their recent Japan tour and she mentioned at the very end that they did not mention anything about AJ expect for Eli comparing Jun to him. I don’t know about you all but it just seems obvious to me. In the beginning, I figured they didn’t talk too much about AJ because I think it might be too personal for them to talk about his condition. So, I let that slide. But the less they mentioned AJ’s name beyond Eli pointed out small comparisons with Jun, the more it became obvious. I had this same feeling with Dongho when he rarely made any appearances with the group since their last Japan tour. I tried to deny and think the rumors of Dongho leaving is obscured. Then official reports came out. Dongho left. The rumors end up to being true.

Maybe AJ’s next. Aside from healing from his surgery, it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s leaving. He has too much on his plate: going to school abroad, recovering from heart surgery, AND performing as a U-Kiss member. Many of us kept saying we don’t expect him to be a super human. But you have to admit… we kind of do. We just don’t verbally say it. Knowing his plan to go back and forth from Columbia and U-Kiss, we’re getting use to his plan and go along with it- thinking everything’s okay. Not many of us have the ability to multi task somewhat like AJ in the beginning of his freshmen year and his return. Who knows, it might be his time to exit.

With that being said, I asked one of AJ’s awesome fans about this and her answer made me feel less doubtful. None of us know what his outcome will be. No matter how many conclusions or conspiracy theories we make, we can’t assume anything. The only thing I can say is I think he’s going to leave until something big happens like him posting a picture of him with U-Kiss or in his dorm caption, “I’m back, bitches!” Though, I doubt he’s actually going to say that, but probably along the lines of it.

Anyways, that’s my personal opinion regarding AJ… for now and until something happens relating to him. 

Thank you for taking your time and sitting through my thoughts right now. I just want to get it off of my chest. I’m sorry if I leave any bad impressions here. I’m sure you all have agreements and disagreements on this topic. 

Have a good day.

A penchant for not wanting to frighten our more vulnerable KISSme siblings, I typically keep my personal feelings to myself about this kind of stuff, but this time, I can’t disagree. Last year they continually kept Jae in all topics while he studied, but between the reaction-less heart surgery and the announcement of September sub-units not involving him either, the cold hard news seems looming. My personal watch word was if they kept him in conversation during the Japan Tour like they did last year, I knew I’d feel safe, but the reports of no such hope has made it clear. 

I have and will always support our members in all the changes that come our way, but as KISSmes, we’re too familiar with this pattern of transition. I’m not saying it’s official. It’s never official until NH announces it, but I just think it’s okay to be prepared for a change and try accepting it sooner than later to avoid drama. 

Be open minded KISSmes and no matter what happens, just keep OT10 in your hearts. Our Beautiful Mind chose his education first a long time ago. This may be a natural progression. #WeAreKISSmeForever #OT10

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