How to get merch from Mu-Mo shipped internationally! (U-Kiss Japan merch)



Idk how many other people knew about this, but I just found out like 10 minutes ago! 

So, you know all that beautiful Japan 2014 Tour merchandise that us International Kissme could only dream about (except for the stuff on YesAsia, lol)? DRY YOUR TEARS!!!! 


According to

Avex have recently opened up an English language shopping site that does ship overseas, through the site Tenso. Their stock is limited compared to the domestic shopping, and so you might not be able to get all of the items. Right now, it seems that YesAsia are ordering through this service, as the items they don’t have are marked as sold out on the site. However, go from sold out to available again as each concert ends, so it’s worth to keep an eye on the site if you are really wanting to get a particular item.”

AKA We now have a way to purchase merch from Mu-Mo Shop! Like the beautiful lightsticks, tote bags, hair bands, etc. If you visit this link, you’ll see a big banner that says “How To Ship Overseas” BINGO!


  • Sign up for
  • You will be given a Japanese address that you use for Mu Mo
  • When you go to order your items from Mu Mo, enter the address given by Tenso
  • Your items will be shipped to the Tenso warehouse, and then to you


A few things you should know:

  • Registration is free
  • Naturally, there is a service fee (starting at ¥490) by Tenso that you have to pay, plus shipping to your address (fees will vary according to what you ordered/where you live)
  • You have to submit proof of identity, in accordance with Japanese law (click that link to the FAQ page about it)
  • If you can’t submit proof of identity before you order or before your package arrives at Tenso, they will hold your package until you’ve submitted it

The website has an English language setting, and everything is pretty easy to read. 


I can’t actually give you a review because I literally ordered my lighstick 5 minutes before making this post. I will gladly post a review of the service once I’ve received my order. :)

I hope this helps some Kissme that weren’t previously aware! 

ALSO: I think there is a end date of when you can order certain items from Mu-Mo, so if you want to order something, do it now!! (I’m not 100% sure of this, but I’m pretty sure of it.) A lot of the goodies are sold out, so hurry hurry! ^^

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Not sure if it has been like this for a while and I’m late noticing, but can someone help me understand why keeps coming up as an expired website. I don’t know how to Korean properly. 
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141019 “Eli of U-KISS Cast as Lead Role in Chinese Version of Hit Drama Full House”; cr: soompi



Eli - Not Young to 끼부리지마

[Kiseop | Soohyun | AJ | Kevin | Hoon]


Junvin in MuCore


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Talk about love, talk about care, talk about our happiness~




2014.10.16(Thurs) - 2015.01.15(Mon)

1 7 types of rooms: Kiseop, Eli, Hoon, Soohyun, Jun, Kevin and U-KISS.

2 → Members’ Stage Outfits Display: On the 1F around the reception area or on the rooms floor.

3 → Drinks: If you order any one of these drinks - ice coffee,…


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